13  years

  • Esthetics in Dermatology

  • Esthetics in Facial Plastic Surgery 
  • School of Esthetics

  • Salons and Medical Spas

    • Licensed Esthetician

    • Surgical Assistant

    • Certified Medical Assistant

    • Microblading Artist

    • Certified Aesthetic Consultant

    • Spa Consultant

    • Manager

    • Esthetics Program Recruiter

    • Educational Director



  • Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

  • Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation

  • Acne Clearing and Healing

  • Effective Products and Modalities

  • Microcurrent Non-surgical Facelift

  • Rezenerate Nano-technology

  • LED Light Therapy


  • Certified in Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

  • Certified in Medical Assistanting

  •  Licensed Esthetician

  • Certified in Microblading

  • Certified in Microneedling

  •  Certified Aesthetic Consultant

  •  Airbrush Makeup Artist

Meet Sara Alvarado

Your Licensed and Experienced Esthetician

My career in the beauty industry began as a Makeup Artist, in Chicago, providing services for many models and brides-to-be.  Time and time again, I saw beautiful women with skin conditions ranging from mild to severe acne, pre-mature aging, sagging facial muscles and skin, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, lifeless, dull or dry skin.  I saw it all.  As a makeup artist, all I could do was cover up the skin conditions and imperfections. Realizing I could do much more, I become an Esthetician, and that allowed me to address those skin conditions and help individuals achieve skin that is...HAPPY!

I attended International Training Academy and I excelled in school. Soon after, I became a Certified Medical Assistant and later a Certified Microblading Artist and Certified Lymphatic Therapist.

I now have over 13 years of experience...


Prior to working at International Skin Beauty Academy Chicago), as Manager, Recruiter and Director of Continuing Education,. I worked for a well known Facial Plastic Surgeon and a renowned Chicago-area Dermatologist, holding positions as Lead Esthetician within a Medical Setting, Cosmetic Coordinator, Marketing and Patient Coordinator and Certified Medical Assistant.  Other experience includes Managing a salon and a successful Makeup Artistry business. 

Let me help you commit to your skin and to self-care.


SkinHappy Skincare Studio focuses on

  • getting to know you and your skin

  • listening to your needs and goals

  • having realistic expectations

  • setting and reaching realistic goals

  • providing a safe environment

  • providing effective services and therapies

  • building lasting relationships based on trust and honesty
  • providing an extraordinary experience for you that is unlike any other you've ever experienced

If you're happy, I'm happy. 


My family and I love spending time together exploring South Carolina and traveling abroad.  I enjoy yoga, hiking, Zumba, cooking, gardening, traveling, meditation and healthy living. I also enjoy keeping up on the latest skincare trends, making it a point to attend as many skincare shows and conferences as possible, and bringing back knowledge and skincare secrets to my private studio.