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Gift Certificates

Thank you for choosing SkinHappy Skincare Studio.  We feel honored that you have chosen SkinHappy as a gift for someone special in your life and the lucky person who gets the gift certificate will be sure to get the royal treatment from us!

Purchasing a gift certificate is easy and can be done in many ways. Choose whichever is most convenient for you!

1. Online

Click here and purchase the gift certificate online.

When purchased online...

- you can choose to email it to yourself and then print it, or

you can simply email it to the recipient directly.


2. By Phone

Call 708-268-9412 and talk to Sara directly.  Purchase your gift certificate over the phone. Then, either let the recipient know that they have a gift certificate and should contact SkinHappy to schedule their appointment.  Or we will notify the recipient that they have a gift certificate and can schedule their appointment with us.   (We will have a record of the gift certificate and the amount of purchase and there is no need to have an actual paper certificate). 

3. In Person

Call 708-268-9412 and talk to Sara directly.  Schedule a time that is convenient to come into the office and purchase your gift certificate in person.  We will fill out the gift certificate and put it in a white envelope.

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