Eyebrows, Lashes, Eyes and Lips

With a little definition to the eyebrows, our eyes can go from unnoticeable to striking.  I have seen individuals whose gorgeous eyes that got lost because the eyebrows are faded, unnoticeable or  did not frame the eyes properly.   


Once defined and given their place, the eyebrows make a statement for our most important facial feature - our eyes.  There are many ways to achieve this.  One of my favorite things to do, is to enhance features while making it appear that no obvious makeup was used.  In other words, "Yes, I look this way naturally!"   Only you (and I) will know your beauty secrets.

Precision Eyebrows

EYEBROW Sculpting, Design & Wax

20-25 min. $21

First Time Clients or Re-Design

Much more than an eyebrow wax, Eyebrow Sculpting entails an assessment of the facial features: eyes and eyebrows, brow bones, hair color and overall look of face.



  • Design

  • Use of any of the following

    • soft wax​

    • hard wax

    • tweezing

    • trimming


15 min. $18

Eyebrow Maintenance for returning clients.

Lash Lift




• Immediate results

• Last 5-6 weeks, sometimes longer

• Safe formula specifically formulated for use around the eye area to curl lashes and give them a longer, bolder appearance.  We also include tint to darken the lashes.  In most cases, you may not need mascara.

Eyebrow or Lash Tinting


20-30 min.

Eyebrow Tinting  $18

Eyelash Tinting $18

• Immediate results

• Last 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer

• Safe Pigments specifically formulated for use on the face and around the eye area, are used to darken and define eyelashes and eyebrows.