Oily, clogged pores, acne-prone skin, 

whiteheads, blackheads, milia

Pre-mature aging, wrinkling, 

sagging, crows feet, frown lines, jowls

Discoloration, pigmentation, 

spots, sun damage

Fragile, dry, sensitive, re-active skin, 

rough, flakey, inflamed, irritated 


All of these conditions can hurt you.

They can...

  • be the result of poor or un-educated choices or an underlying health issue.

  • negatively change your facial appearance.

  • hurt you or your loved ones confidence and lower your or their self-esteem.

How can you experience healthy skin and greater results?


  • The market is flooded with many choices when it comes to skincare and many come with promises of skin miracles and eternal youth.

  • What do you, your family and friends actually need to...

    • feel heard and understood ?

    • have a  strong relationship with your therapist based on honesty and trust ?

    • make a commitment to your skin health ?

    • see results and stay motivated ?

SkinHappy Skincare Studio is all about listening to clients needs, goals and desired outcomes. We are about getting to know our clients and their skin, providing safe and effective services and therapies and building lasting relationships based on trust and results. 

If you're happy, we're happy. 

Healthy skin at every age.

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you are complimented on your naturally healthy beautiful skin, no matter your age.


  • Healing and balancing skin

  • Assisting the skin in it's natural detoxifying process

  • Helping to decrease inflammation

    • before and after surgery​

    • ​after an illness​

    • after an injury

  • Slowing down the aging process

  • Assisting the skin's natural regenerative process 

  • Collagen-building, tightening and firming skin

  • Providing professional skincare advice without pressure

  • Providing an environment that is clean and safe

  • Providing an experience that is calm, serene and happy  

If you want to heal skin, repair it, strengthen or simply slow down the aging process, we invite you to try SkinHappy Skincare Studio.  We not only offer results-oriented services, we offer you an unparalleled experience.

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Located inside Carolina Holistic Health

201 W, Stone Ave., Greenville, SC 29609


  • Anti-aging services

  • Adult and adolescent Anti-acne services

  • Facials and Exfoliation services

  • Effective high quality professional products

  • Advanced modalities and therapies:

    • REZENERATE Nano-technology Infusion

      • "needle-free" micro-needling

      • deep penetration of products

      • stimulates collagen production


      • facial sculpting

      • re-educates facial muscles

      • lifts and tightens facial muscles and skin

    • MICRODERMABRASION - Diamond (crystal-free)

      • resurfaces and levels the skin surface

      • skin smoothing


      • anti-aging, and skin regenerating

      • heals and repairs acne-prone or damaged skin


      • acne management

      • enlarged pores

      • fine lines, wrinkles

      • puffy or dark eyes​​


      • anti-aging and anti-acne

      • uses sound vibrations to thoroughly loosen debris from follicles and gently lift dead surface skin cells

      • deep pores cleansing and exfoliating without irritation

      • kills bacteria

      • increases circulation

      • promotes collagen production

    • MANUAL or ELECTRO LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE for the Face and Neck

      • assists in the movement and flow of lymphatic fluid

      • assists in reducing inflammation

      • assists the body ​in it's natural healing and detoxing process5

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