SkinHappy specializes in:
Anti-aging services

    • Diminish wrinkles and fine lines​

    • Retexture skin​​

    • Hydrate skin

    • Brighten complexion

    • Diminish or remove discoloration/hyperpigmentation

  • Adult acne services

    • Clear and mange acne​

    • Retexture skin

    • Diminish acne scarring

  • Holistic options available

  • Eyebrow and Lash Services

    • Eyebrows that fit your face structure and skin tone

    • Perfect and precise eyebrow definition

      • eyebrow tinting, waxing, trimming and/or tweezing

      • Microblading services available

  • Relaxation experts!

    • We dare you find a more relaxing experience​

  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

    • helps to detoxify the body by stimulating the lymphatic system through electro-lymphatic therapy to flush out toxins, to ultimately reduce inflammation, edema, or swelling

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Reasons to book:

At SkinHappy Studio, we are 

knowledgeable and detailed and we provide:

  • consistent practice and high standards in workplace safety and sanitation

  • Superior client care

  • An unparalleled experience

  • Noticeable results

  • Total comfort

  • Ultimate relaxation

  • Local small business in Greenville, SC

  • Excellent reviews

  • Unique services with results

  • Services for women, men, teens and tweens

  • Undivided attention because you are number one at each appointment

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Sara is a 

  • Licensed Esthetician

  • Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

  • Certified Medical Assistant and

  • Certified Microblading Artist.



Specializes in 

  • Skincare with a focus on 

    • Anti-Aging

    • Adult Acne and

    • Beautiful Eyebrows

  • Lymphatic Decongestion of the face and body


Along with advanced education and several years of experience in beauty, aesthetics, and healthcare, Sara is prepared and committed to assisting you on your path to looking and feeling great, naturally, holistically.  She has a calm demeanor and is patient as she carefully listens to your concerns.  She is thoughtful in her responses making sure that you understand all of your options so that you can get the best results and achieve your goals.  



Sara is certified, licensed and has held the following positions:

LE, Licensed Esthetician, IL, SC, NC

CLT, Certified Lymphatic Therapist

MLT, Manual Lymphatic Therapist (Head and Neck)

CMA, Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Micoblading Artist

Facial Plastic Surgery Patient Coordinator

Facial Plastic Surgical Assistant

Certified Aesthetic Consultant

MUA, Makeup Artist​

Sara has several years of experience in beauty, aesthetics, and healthcare having worked for a prominent facial plastic surgeon, assisting on the clinical floor and in the surgical room.  She has also worked for a renowned dermatologist in Chicago, assisting in the opening of a medical spa from concept to completion and providing advanced esthetic services in a medical setting. 

Attended Chicago Permanent Cosmetic Training Academy, IL

Trained with International Trainer, Sandra Plasencia

Graduated top of class. Certified Microblading Artist

Attended International Training Academy, IL 

Graduated, Licensed Esthetician

Certified Medical Assistant

Attended Columbia College, IL

Graduated with a B.A. Design & Advertising

Worked for Leo Burnett, Frankel & Co., Playboy Ent.

She now practices as a South Carolina Licensed Esthetician at SkinHappy Skin & Wellness Studio, located in Greenville, SC - inside Carolina Holistic Health, owned by Dr. Christina LeBoeuf.

Sara also practices as a Certified Lymphatic Therapist and as a Microblading/Permanent Cosmetics Artist under medical direction. Call to schedule your consultation or to inquire about hours and location.  708-268-9412.

Chicago will always hold a special place in Sara's heart, but she and her family decided to trade the harsh Chicago winters for the much warmer South Carolina weather! They reside in Simpsonville, SC, the beautiful city they now call home.