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You have unique skincare needs and

high standards.


We provide:

  • An unparalleled skincare experience

  • Services that surpass expectations

  • Education 

    • to teach our clients to be masters of their own skin

  • Enthusiasm, compassion and humor

    • to show clients how to find the joy in caring for their skin

  • Anti-aging & Luxury Facials to

    • reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles​

    • brighten complexion

    • balance uneven skin tone

    • reduce hyperpigmentation and sun damage

    • achieve total relaxation

  • Expert Acne Solutions to  

    • reduce /  clear acne​

    • maintain healthy skin

  • Holistic & Ultra Sensitive Skincare to

    • calm skin​

    • reduce irritation

    • eliminate dryness

    • maintain hydrated skin

    • address Rosacea skin

We provide:


Achievable goals for:

  • Youthful Skin

  • Healthy Skin

  • Clear Skin


A working partnership with:

  • You

  • Your Medical Care Provider

  • Your Holistic Care Practitioner


Services are provided:

  • In a Safe Environment

  • In a Green Clean Space

  • In a Scent-Free Zone

  • With only Non-toxic Organic Scents

  • With Safe and Effective Products

Your skincare professional brings you:

  • 15 years of experience:

    • In spas and Salons

    • Within Dermatology

    • Within Facial Plastic Surgery


SkinHappy is conveniently located in a brick building with plenty of parking in the front.  Located inside of Carolina Holistic Health in Suite 4.  Right across the street from Boheme Salon and Fork and Plough.

SkinHappy Skincare Studio

1622 E. North Street

Suite 4

Greenville, SC, 29607


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It's simple...If you're happy, we're happy.  

Contact us today!

Schedule your appointment or consultation today through this website or by calling or texting:  708-268-9412.

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